This is very disturbing.
Quite blantant.
Let’s all just stand around
try to find evidence
frame the picture
And wait.

We have time.
Check again.
No not his pulse, yes
Pockets, he must have something

They always do.
do nothing.

Go ahead, hit record
he’s just a petty hustla
An easy target
Repeat offender we recognize
To get some more tax dollars

Over his weight limit so
We had to wrestle cause
Taking down black bucks
Gets the heart pumpin
And the day started
Like a cup of joe
After bowels move

Dem boys in blue
like it vile and dark
Shedding light on the
Best part of waking up is

Black bodies
Filling this cup til
It runneth over.
Drink it in.
Keep checkin.

Surround him
To cover up any mistakes
As we Continue to wait.
For Back
But keep checkin.

cast him as lethargic
hear his crys
But there are no rights here
That were heard that we are
Bound to to respect,
the oldest rule in the system.

Everyone knows Plessy
At the academy
And recognizes that
he is no man
More beast than anything.
That’s why we


just poke the nigga
and see if he’ll magically awake.
For in CPR class they
taught us not to touch black lips
I’ve seen them
change like the wind
And will turn animalistic at any minute.
Beware of the tricksters motif.

Back up will arrive in just one minute. Let’s