10/30 – outside smelly cat

A conversation
About love

She said
he cried.
That’s funny.

I woke up Christmas
And freaked
The fuck out

I’ve never had a relationship
Like this
He broke my TV
Please just get out my bedroom

He had that moment
Where he got
So frustrated
Threw the remote

Now look what you made
Me DO!
Break the TV

I wish you would just calm
Down and we can talk
He left

But before he did
he penned an excuse
In the form of poem

The beginning line…
“In my own blindness, I fail “
And the last…
“My heart will miss the love lost”

He came back
Talking about a job
Then makes it a point to
Im not moving anywhere

And I’ve seen him more
in the last 3 weeks
Than I have in the last year

Like it or not there is no
Relation here
Im not his girl
friend anymore.

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