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#thejazz – Miles & Coltrane: Blue (.) – April 24-27

the jazz 2014

On Q Performing Arts Present
Miles and Coltrane: Blue (.) by Concrete Generation.

On Q Performing Arts present Miles & Coltrane: Blue(.), by Concrete Generation April 24 through April 27 at Duke Energy Theater at Spirit Square located at 345 N College St in Uptown Charlotte for a limited engagement.

#thejazz is Back! Miles & Coltrane: Blue (.) captures the galvanizing energy of the 1950′s, an element of time when American society was rapidly changing. During this era, jazz was the soundtrack to a new social revolution. And at the forefront of jazz music was trumpet blaring Miles Davis and skillful saxophonist John Coltrane, who partnered to make a wondrous residual slide in soundscapes that would unleash their names to be forever known as jazz legends. Award winning actors, musicians, and poets articulate this noteworthy shift in music history, taking you on a journey through the artists’ lives and the legacy they left behind.

This work tells the story of two of the most influential and controversial figures in jazz: Miles Davis and John Coltrane. The show weaves together all artistic mediums by featuring award winning poets, musicians, dancers, and actors, thus taking us on a journey through the artists’ lives and the legacies they left behind.

This production will be co-directed by Lou Bellamy and Quentin Talley. Lou Bellamy is the founder and artistic director of Penumbra Theater Company and Quentin Talley is founder and artistic director of On Q Performing Arts. Quentin recently completed an 18 month Leadership U Fellowship, administered by Theater Communications Group and funded by the Andrew Mellon Foundation. Thru the 18 month fellowship for emerging leaders in the field of American Theater, Q was under the tutelage of Obie Award winning director, Lou Bellamy.

The show will run April 245h and 25th at 7:30 p.m.; April 26th at 3 p.m. and 8 p.m.; April 27th at 3 p.m. Tickets are $28 and are available at

For media inquiries, contact Jameka Whitten at 704.261.5290. To learn more about On Q Performing Arts, visit To learn more about Miles & Coltrane, visit or follow on Twitter at

10/30 – outside smelly cat

A conversation
About love

She said
he cried.
That’s funny.

I woke up Christmas
And freaked
The fuck out

I’ve never had a relationship
Like this
He broke my TV
Please just get out my bedroom

He had that moment
Where he got
So frustrated
Threw the remote

Now look what you made
Me DO!
Break the TV

I wish you would just calm
Down and we can talk
He left

But before he did
he penned an excuse
In the form of poem

The beginning line…
“In my own blindness, I fail “
And the last…
“My heart will miss the love lost”

He came back
Talking about a job
Then makes it a point to
Im not moving anywhere

And I’ve seen him more
in the last 3 weeks
Than I have in the last year

Like it or not there is no
Relation here
Im not his girl
friend anymore.

6/30 – First Sunday Dinner with Lee Lee

Genteel and jolly.
dressed in
Surrounded by petals
The color of the sun.
Traveling the speed of sound,
Crossing over top of the

Into her mothers living room,
her other son
Untils she finishes
Breaksfast or beauty tips
Or bouncing
Off baby sister while
Brothers check in
fellowshipping in earnest
terms Asking for grace,
As mother Mary humbly
imparts causal wisdom

To accessorize in love.
And commonsense,
As style is to
And in this Cannon
house of Couture

All are running
late for school but
Never tardy in
So we exit swiftly,
I sleepy and tired from
Her smiling and singing
Because of it.

As the spirit moves
Us the back way thru
promised land,
Windows down with
The breeze as my alarm

No ten and two
position needed
only her nude knee
as a guide
Jesus as her co pilot
as she finishes her
full brown face in
The rear view

We arrive on familiar ground.
Off by the creek
Where baptism
Is more than
a dipped deity, Its

Community congregating,
knowing across the pasture
Life isnt Always greener
For our skin tone must
lean on everlasting

1st lesson
learned by

that the Son’s day
is the most segregated
For a

We have two mount moriah’s to climb.
And the lily is a vast valley
Of trials and the morning star
Just revealed its light
8 beats ago
In poly rhythmic
What thou calleth voo doo
Us steeped in steeple
calls it the holy

Though all will make thee welcomed
We just dont have time
To teach ritual.
It must be
passed down generously like
An offering or cautious as

We enter,
Social formalities
And genuine pleasantries
Hymns connect us
To the cross we each must bear,
As ushers direct movement
Songs fill the walls
As well as wailing screams
Of released
pastoral figures excorise
Meaning while flocks
Turn to the middle
of the passage to relate
This is

And there is no benediction
Only open doors
Tired children, just waking
renewed parents, still

Walking in
just as they come,
As we were.

Full of
Rising on one accord,
Only judgement
and unused programs
Left in the

A sea of Sunday’s
best dressed
women covered
In off white
Waving like a flag
Ready to surrender its
Men loosening patterned nooses
from around necks
To take a full breath

We shake, hug
and exit back
Of house hours
After being watched
between You and
All parties gather to break
Bread with whomsoever
cooked whatsoever

Never absent from one
another for too long.
I wait for her voice to
Serenade a

Unlock the door
Watch the heatwave leave
Tight quarters,
til leather and metal
Recover from sunburn,

Return home bypass
This way.

Lee Lee is still

Leaving hints of
Whats cookin besides her

3 into 4/30

Redwood evening
We are late night

your mama told
You to stay clear of

Keepers of free
first amendment

We are the ones

Who puts life
On paper

Turns the narrative
Before the ink drys

Rewrites for the soul
Keepin heartbeats in

the weight of
Oversight and
the 20/20 of

we are all human
(though we’d like to think otherwise)

We are certainty

when nothing last
Forever except words.

We are tucked

inside of
in language

We are waiting

For you to wake up
And dream with us
Til the dawn breaks

Like a poem rising
To the occasion.