the fORm Is (un)done

water changes form
poem – lksj798320

The form is (un)done
Reverting black
To hearing this.

I should not
Simple this;
For it is more
Jesse B. Complex.

Gave it to God,
Cause he’s better
With the difficult
Than I

So I over come and
The gift/
The ingrained
In veins and remixed.

First heard this
Rhythm from my
Who is 99 and counting.

I am my father’s grand cousin
Re(in)venting time.

Publishing my thoughts
Like Russ
Not Simmons
Like Goings

into history
Staying in history
Carrying the next moment

We are so deep
We don’t know
We come from
We just

near the great white way.
one day my name in lights
being on stage is a privilege
not a right.
And I shall defend
creativity by any means